My wife and I recently upgraded our phones to the new iPhone 15 Pro. We were able to take advantage of a Black Friday sale at Verizon to get the phones at a deep discount, trading in our old iPhone XS’s. The new iPhone 15 Pro is a great phone, but with every new phone upgrade you also have to plan on new accessories. In this case, due to the charging port change, we had to get new power bricks, car chargers, screen protectors and cases.

I had never used Spigen cases before, so I thought this would be a good time to try them. Online Reddit threads (my main source for information) suggested that this was an affordable, quality brand. Redditors claimed that the cases offered good protection, slim profile, and good gripability.

We ended up trying 3 different cases, the Thin Fit, the Mag Armor MagFit and the Ultra Hybrid MagFit.

Spigen Thin Fit

The Spigen Thin Fit is a thin case made from polycarbonate materials, offering certified drop protection using “Air Cushion Technology”. Air Cushion Technology uses bubbles of air to add protection to the corners of the case, helping to absorb impact when you drop your phone.

For my use I didn’t need a case that offered extreme drop protection. I prefer carrying a slimmer case with appropriate drop protection. The size of the case is more important to me than the amount of protection it has. I am usually pretty safe with my phone so it being able to withstand 12 feet of drop protection is not really a concern for me. I’m more interested in making sure it can handle the occasional drop from my hands, so maybe about 4 to 5 feet off the ground.

The thin fit is a very slim case, which they are able to achieve by having a camera bump in the back so the rest of the case can remain thin. It’s pretty grippy too, though not as grippy as the Ultra Hybrid MagFit (which was the grippiest of the 3 cases that we tried). But I do find the it feels really good to hold, with a very smooth feeling material.

At .85 oz’s it doesn’t add much weight, and it fits easily into my front pocket with my Distill Union Wally Sleeve wallet.

Spigen Mag Armor MagFit

The Spigen Mag Armor case is a bit bulkier than the Thin Fit. It’s made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane and offers MagSafe compatibility. MagSafe wasn’t a huge concern in my decision making, as I’m not using it currently, but it was something my wife was interested so it did play a factor in her decision.

The Mag Armor case weighs in at 1.41 oz’s, so quite a bit more than the thin fit. It’s funny that when talking about such a small amount of weight that you can notice a difference, but it the difference in weight and bulk between the Thin Fit and the Mag Armor was significant enough to be a distraction when using the Mag Armor. And the material of the Mag Armor didn’t feel as grippy as the Thin Fit. I never felt like it would slip out of my hand, but the Thin Fit felt like I could hold on to it better.

The Mag Armor did feel like it offered more protection than the Thin Fit. But for my uses I’m not too concerned about this, the Thin Fit seems to offer plenty of protection.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagFit

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a case with a clear design, so you can see your phone’s case color. It’s made from a very grippy Polycarbonate (it’s the most grippy of all the cases we tried), and like the Mag Armor it’s MagSafe compatible.

It’s a minimalist case that weighs around 1.06 oz’s, and feels light in the hand.

From what I read online it may offer the least amount of drop protection of the 3 cases, but I’m not overly concerned with drop overly robust drop protection for mine or my wife’s phones. (Our kid however gets a bulkier case with a lot more protection).

All around I’d say that this case actually feels the most comfortable to hold. It never feels like it would slip out of your hand, is lightweight, and the clear case looks better in person than I thought it would. They claim that there will be no yellowing of the case over time, but we haven’t had the cases long enough to test that.

Conclusion: Which Spigen case did we keep?

I decided to keep the Spigen Thin Fit on my iPhone Pro 15. I liked the look and feel of it, and the thinness was right for what I wanted. It fits easily in my front pocket alongside my wallet and I think it will offer the amount of protection I’m looking for.

My wife went with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid. She liked the look of the clear case, and is excited to try the MagSafe features. We both thought that the Ultra Hybrid felt easiest to hold out of all 3, and honestly I might in the future change my case out for the Ultra Hybrid too.

The Mag Armor was nice, it seems really protective, but it was bulkier than I wanted, and felt more slippery than any of the other two cases.

Time will tell if Spigen cases hold up well under day to day living conditions, but I’m optimistic that these are good, protective cases and am enjoying using them.