It’s better for the regular iPad too.

Don’t get me wrong, Apple’s Magic Keyboard for the iPad is pretty incredible. It’s thin, lightweight, and feels good to type on. But Logitech’s keyboard is more a more functional device.

Logitech’s Combo Touch and Apple’s Magic Keyboard Compared

What does the Combo Touch do better than the Magic Keyboard?

Let’s start off with the important features of the Magic Keyboard:

  • Backlit scissor keys
  • USB-C charging port for passthrough charging of the iPad (nice if you want to connect another device, like headphones to the iPad’s USB-C port)
  • Magnetic floating stand
  • Multi-touch gesture enabled trackpad
  • Folds up to provide front and back protection for the iPad

What about the features on Logitech’s Combo Touch?

  • Backlit keys
  • Function keys
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Kickstand feature to keep the screen upright
  • Space to stow an Apple Pencil

Both keyboards have an impressive set of features. They are both light weight (at least for the 11 inch iPad, the 12 inch starts to add some heft). Both of the keyboards offer similar real estate for typing, and the keys on both feel very good to type on. Some people online report that the keyboard can feel a little cramped on both devices, but that’s a little pedantic in my view, I have large hands and have no problem with typing on either. The Apple Magic Keyboard’s trackpad has Multi-Gesture support, and Logitech does have some gesture-like ability but it’s not nearly as full featured as Apples. So why is Logitech’s Combo Touch better than the Magic Keyboard? 4 reasons.

  1. Function Keys
    The Combo Touch comes equipped with a row of function keys at the top of the keyboard. With it you are able to control things such as screen brightness, volume, the on-screen keyboard, manipulate music playback, etc. Apple’s Magic Keyboard is missing these.
  2. Balance
    The Combo Touch feels pretty decently balanced when I’m sitting it on my lap for casual couch use. I never really feel like it’s going to tip over. With the Magic Keyboard I felt like I had to be careful when it was on my lap, sort of like it was unbalanced and top heavy.
  3. Cost
    As of the time of this writing, Apple’s Magic Keyboard cost over a hundred dollars more than the Combo Touch. In fact, it’s nearly double the cost.
  4. Detachability
    Ok, theoretically the Magic Keyboard offers the ability to detach the iPad from the case. It’s actually really smooth the way you can magnetically attach and detach the iPad, it makes for a real nice user experience. However, what it’s missing is iPad protection when detached from the case. If you use your iPad like I do, which is about 50% of the time with the keyboard and 50% of the time with it detached for a true tablet experience, you’re going to want protection. The iPad is protected at all times with the Combo Touch, even when the keyboard is detached.

Ultimately for me the ability to keep the iPad protected when it is detached was the decision maker for purchasing the Combo Touch. The iPad Magic Keyboard was really cool in it’s ability to magnetically attach the iPad, but since the iPad loses protection when it’s detached that was a non-starter for me.

It’s simple to remove the keyboard from the iPad using the Combo Touch. You just have to pull the keyboard away from the iPad, and since the keyboard is magnetically attached to the case it snaps on and off quickly and easily.


It’s a no-brainer, the Logitech Combo Touch is better than Apple’s Magic Keyboard. It’s more functional, and more protective, even if it’s not quite as elegantly designed as the Magic Keyboard. I always take function over form so the Combo Touch is the keyboard that works best for me.