So I’ve been trimming up lately, working hard on my diet and my workouts. Though I haven’t lost more than a few pounds, I’ve been losing fat, and gaining muscle. The result of this is that clothes that used to fit me now hang off me. It’s odd to get on the scale and not see the needle move much, but then to put on my clothes and find myself swimming in them.

I’ve actually had to add another notch to my belts so they’d hold my pants up. I used my Spyderco knife to create another hole in my belts so that they could accommodate my new waist size.

This is working fine, but it gave me the idea that it might be cool to have a belt that didn’t require holes to determine the belt length.

I had seen some tactical belts online, and they looked like they were in line with what I was thinking. The belt is completely adjustable to any size by pulling the excess through the buckle.

Fairwin Tactical Belt Characteristics

Though this is a tactical belt, I did not get it for that purpose . I was only concerned with getting something that was stylish and easily adjustable.

The belt is thick, and seems very durable. The buckles are big, too big to get through some pant loops, but since the buckle comes off, you just need to slip it off, thread the belt through you pant loops, then put the buckle back on again.

The buckle snaps into place, and so far holds securely without issue. I’ve seen one review online where the buckle’s springs broke, but that was one out of many reviews. If I have any issues with the springs in the buckle I’ll update this post.

So far I’m really happy with this belt. So happy that I bought two for myself (one in black, one in brown) and one for my brother-in-law. I’ve only been wearing this belt for a week, so I won’t know how well it holds up over time for a while, but if there are any issues I’ll make updates here.

Fairwin Tactical Belt